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Travel Information

LS service: (Hull to Beverley) Please see the attached application form for details of the route.  The bus provider for 2023/2024 is Ellie Rose. Please ensure that your child is aware that the bus will be a double decker with the name Ellie Rose on the side and the destination will say Longcroft School on the front of the bus. If your child plans to use this service please complete and return the application form which can be found below.

Leconfield 121: There is no longer a 142 service provided for students. EYMS have advised there will be a bus stop at 3.18pm outside Longcroft School for the 121 service to Leconfield.  The bus stop is located on Molescroft Road at the end of Burton Road (the short road that leads directly into school).  Please note that the bus no longer comes into school.

Please note that bus routes are continually monitored and it may be possible to adapt routes to suit the needs of our students and families.  If you would like to discuss further or require advice on current or future, potential bus routes please email

School Bus Transport Arrangements

Students and pupils are not expected to wait for buses for more than 20 minutes beyond the normal pickup time when the weather is bad. If a bus has not arrived in this time then students and pupils should return home and telephone school for information. There are usually staff at the school from 8.15am who will take messages or give advice.

In the interests of safety, buses will not run when, for example, the roads are icy or there has been heavy snowfall. Parents should note that when there is no bus in the morning, there may not be a return bus at the end of the school day.

If the buses do not run, and you bring your child into school, then you will need to collect them at the end of the day. The only exception to this may be if a bus is delayed due to a breakdown. In these circumstances, please telephone the school (01482 862171) to check that there will be a service at the end of the day.


BUSWISE is a partnership between East Riding of Yorkshire Council, schools, parents, students, pupils and local bus companies.

This partnership will work together to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant journey using either the school bus or public transport.


Visitor Parking at Longcroft

Due to the physical capacity of the car park here, it can sometimes be impossible to find a parking place between 8.30am and 4.00pm. This is a situation over which we have no control.

On occasions, such as Open Evenings, we will endeavour to increase parking capacity by making other areas of the school available for visitors to park their vehicles.

When visiting the school, it may be tempting to drive up and over the verge in an effort to park. We wish to remind our visitors that where a roadside pavement is crossed to reach such a parking place the owner may well be in breach of the law and facing a potential penalty.

Out of courtesy when visiting the school, please ensure that you do not block the driveways of our neighbours leading to the school.

Picking-up and Dropping-off Pupils or Students by Car

We are very concerned about the safety of all those who come to Longcroft school. The school car park is extremely busy at the start and end of the day, with many people moving about on foot, on bicycles or in vehicles.

Congestion at these times can lead to increased levels of personal risk and in order to minimise this we urge that should you need to drop off or pick-up your child at these times you do so a little distance away from the site.

This will help to maintain the safety of those who are on the site and ensure delays to you or the bus drivers is minimised.