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We want all our pupils to settle happily into life at Longcroft School, and we achieve this for all our pupils by ensuring they receive all the support they need. Our staff work closely with teachers and staff in all our local primary schools to ensure we understand each child’s interests, talents and strengths. We ensure that all our new pupils receive the same level of support, whether they are from one of our local catchment primary schools, or from a school outside our catchment area. For these pupils, we are aware that they may not know as many children, and we ensure that they have plenty of opportunities to meet other pupils and to make friends as they start in September

Our Transition Programme

We have developed a Transition Site in place of the visits and activities which we are unable to run as we would normally like. We invite and encourage Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to all our transition activities on the site. The purpose of these activities and events is for our new pupils to get to know our staff and pupils, find out about life at Longcroft School and to make new friends. It also helps pupils with the all important process of transitioning young people into the values and priorities of Longcroft School. The activities hopefully combine the development of problem-solving skills with those of communication and community engagement. It is always brilliant to see pupils engaging enthusiastically and positively with these activities, and we look forward to seeing your ideas and creations in September.

Transition Arrangements

During the Spring Term, Year 6 teachers begin discussing the move to secondary schools with pupils. Teachers have also completed a transfer form which indicates your child’s interests, talents and abilities, so that your child can make good progress from their first day in September. We will be in touch with a range of information for each new pupil, and also request some information from you. Amongst other forms and useful information, most important are the Year 6 Pupil Registration online form which should be completed to provide us with key details of emergency contacts, and the 'All About Me' form, which should be completed by your child. This form is your child’s opportunity to directly tell us about themselves, their friends, interests and hobbies. They can also tell us of any concerns, so that we can begin putting support in place early. Behind the scenes, we will also maintain communication with Year 6 teachers to discuss how we can best support your child in the transition process. For pupils who require significant additional support, we will contact you and, with the support of your child’s primary school, ensure that we provide personalised arrangements to aid a smooth transition for your child.

Please see the Year 6 Handbook for further information

Year 6 Transition Site: Click here to find out more

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