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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Longcroft strives to be a positive, warm and welcoming school where pupils aim to do their very best and, with great heart, thought and vision, take pride in their achievements and those of our community. By constantly challenging our pupils to excel, we nurture aspiration and strive to cultivate a lifelong love of learning in our young people. We provide a caring, safe and inclusive environment where every child is known and valued. Every member of our community has high expectations of each other and recognises the important part they play in ensuring we live out our mission together. In this climate, every young person has the opportunity to thrive as they develop in personality, character and intellect and become a highly successful learner and individual.


Our Values

Founded in 1951 Longcroft’s school motto celebrated the distinct education the school sought to provide. This motto remains an integral part of school life today and has helped to define who we are as a community.

As free make I thee, as heart may think, or eye may see.

In working to re-vision the school, more recently we have distilled the meaning of these original words in to the following core values:

Great Heart

The human qualities that define an individual. For example, demonstrating kindness, offering support or actively caring for the wider community and the environment we live in; acting with integrity and demonstrating character in serving the common good.

Great Thought

Academic success or excellence. For example, the production of a superb piece of classwork,homework, outstanding assessment and examination outcomes, or an impressive piece of thinking in class.

Great Vision

Showing our readiness for the future by developing the skills and qualities that will lead to success in life beyond school. For example, critical thinking, acting with initiative, good team work, personal discipline, and understanding how to be safe and healthy as individuals, and through our relationships with others.


Through these core values we seek to articulate our commitment to educating the whole child and to preparing our young people for the challenges and opportunities that life beyond school will present. We work hard to provide an enriched and holistic school experience, which values the opportunities we are able to provide beyond what is taught in our classrooms. We seek to promote learning and personal development in many and varied ways including our extensive range of clubs, trips, visits and performances, charity and community work, our Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, or representing the school competitively through sport, the arts or literature. There really is something for everyone to get involved with here at Longcroft