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Staff Directory


  • Mr D Perry

Designated Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead

  • Mr J Rogers

Deputy Headteachers 

  • Mr J Rogers
  • Mr L Haworth

Assistant Headteachers

  • Mr M Henderson
  • Mr J Chapman

Associate Assistant Headteachers

  • Mrs R Woolner 
  • Mr A Worthington 

Curriculum and Subject Leaders

  • Art: Mrs G Gibson 
  • English: Mrs E Foster 
  • History: Mr D Pearson 
  • Mathematics: Mrs R Low
  • Performing Arts: Mrs J Harris 
  • Physical Education: Mr C Martin 
  • Religious Education: Mr N Fox 
  • Science: Mrs A Scott 

Year Leaders

  • Year 7: Mrs L Barry
  • Year 8: Mr D Thomson
  • Year 9: Mr A Coupe
  • Year 10: Mr J Wilson
  • Year 11: Mr J Cassidy

Care and Achievement Co-ordinators

  • Year 7: Mrs Fox
  • Year 8: Mrs Newsam
  • Year 9: Mrs Newsam
  • Year 10: Mrs Ellis 
  • Year 11: Miss K Harsley
  • 6th Form: Miss E Taylor

Attendance Officer

  • Miss V Carter 

Form Tutors

Year 7

  • 7ACR: Mr A Charlesworth
  • 7ASC: Mrs A Scott
  • 7LWO: Mrs L Woodhead
  • 7EFO: Mr E Fox
  • 7CMT: Mr C Martin

Year 8

  • 8EMN: Mrs E Minns
  • 8TO: Mrs R Thomas
  • 8SGE: Mrs S George
  • 8PDV: Mr P Davies
  • 8GTA: Mr G Taylor

Year 9

  • 9JHL: Mrs J Holmes
  • 9AHO: Mrs A Holt
  • 9DPE: Mr D Pearson
  • 9ARU: Miss A Rushby

Year 10

  • 10PDR: Mr P Deer
  • 10EDN: Mrs E Donkin
  • 10JDY: Mr J Dyson
  • 10JHR: Mrs J Harris
  • 10JPO: Mrs J Powell
  • 10DML: Mrs D McAlpine

Year 11

  • 11RLO: Mrs R Low
  • 11ESH: Mrs E Shepherd
  • 11LSI: Miss L Sinclair
  • 11NFO: Mr N Fox
  • 11SWL: Mrs S Wilson
  • 11EFO: Mrs E Foster

Sixth Form

  • 12GGI: Mrs G Gibson
  • 12ABA: Mr A Baker
  • 13JCA: Mrs J Cadwaladr
  • 13CME: Miss C Meek

All Staff and Responsibilities 




  Mrs J Akester

Midday Supervisor

  Mr C Backhouse

Site Team

  Mr A Baker

Psychology and English

  Mr R Baldwin

Site Team

  Mrs L Barry

Year Leader (Y7); French

  Mrs C Bligh

Exams and Data Officer

  Mrs S Block

Finance Assistant

  Mr J Britton

CEO of the Wolds Learning Partnership

   Mrs J Cadwaladr


  Miss V Carter

Attendance Officer

  Ms S Carvill

Librarian and Literacy Manager

  Mr J Cassidy

Year Leader (Y10); PE

  Mr J Chapman

Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form); Music

  Mr A Charlesworth


  Mrs K Clark

Assistant Librarian

  Mr M Colepio


  Mr A Coupe

Year Leader (Y9); History

  Mr K Cranfield

Site Team

  Mr P Davies


  Mr P Deer


  Mrs E Donkin


  Mrs E Doy

Cover Officer and Reprographics

  Mrs R Drinkall

Exams and Data Assistant

  Mr J Dyson

Design Technology 

  Mrs A Ellis

Care and Achievement Co-ordinator (Year 10)

  Mrs C Ellis

History and Sociology 

  Mr C Ellis

School Information Manager 

  Mrs A Firth

Senior Science Technician

  Mrs N Fisher


  Mrs P Fleming


  Mrs E Foster

Curriculum Leader (English)

  Mr E Fox


  Mr N Fox

Subject Leader (RE)

  Ms S George

Food Technology 

  Mrs G Gibson

Subject Leader (Art)

  Miss L Green


  Mr D Hackett

Cover Supervisor

  Mrs J Harris

Curriculum Leader (Performing Arts)

  Miss K Harsley

Care and Achievement Co-ordinator (Year 11)

   Mr L Haworth

Deputy Headteacher

  Mrs J Henderson

PE and School Sports Co-ordinator 

  Mr M Henderson

Assistant Headteacher (Head of Upper School); Science

  Mrs J Holmes


  Mrs A Holt

Deputy Curriculum Leader (PE)

  Mrs J Hughes

Teaching Assistant

  Mrs L Jones

Science Technician

  Mrs Rl Low

Acting Curriculum Leader (Maths)

  Mr C Martin

Curriculum Leader (PE)

  Mrs D McAlpine

Teaching Assistant

  Miss C Meek


  Miss E Minns


  Mrs Z Newsam

Year 8 & 9 Care and Achievement Co-ordinator

  Mrs J Nichols

Site and Premises Manager

  Mr R Overfield

Network Manager

  Mr D Pearson

Subject Leader (History)

  Mr D Perry Headteacher

  Mrs J Powell


  Mrs C Raw


  Mr J Rogers

Deputy Headteacher; Science

  Miss A Rushby


  Ms E Sala

Cover Supervisor

  Mrs A Scott

Acting Curriculum Leader (Science)

  Mrs E Shepherd

Curriculum Leader (MFL)

  Miss L Sinclair

Deputy Curriculum Leader (Science)

  Mrs H Smith


  Mrs N Smith

Business Manager

  Mrs L Spruce-Wan

Finance Officer

  Miss E Taylor

Care and Achievement Co-ordinator (Sixth Form)

  Mr G Taylor

PE and English

  Mrs R Thomas


  Mr D Thomson

Year Leader (Yr 8); Drama

  Mr T Trown

Site Team

  Mr J Wilson

Year Leader (Yr 10); Science

  Miss L Woodhead


  Mrs R Woolner

Associate SLT; SENCO

  Mr A Worthington

Associate SLT (Head of Lower School); Science