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Where a pupils’ attitude, effort and achievement is of a high standard, they are issued with a reward.  These rewards are entered into the pupil’s Planner and logged on ClassCharts:

Great Heart

The human qualities that define an individual. For example, demonstrating kindness, offering support or actively engaging with the wider community.

Great Thought

Academic success or excellence. The production of outstanding classwork, homework or impressive thinking in class.

Great Vision

Demonstrating readiness for the future by developing the skills and qualities that will lead to success in life beyond school.


At Longcroft we aim to create a positive and motivated atmosphere, within which pupils and Sixth Form students can take pride in what they do.  We believe that through formal recognition of achievement, positive attitude to learning or community-mindedness pupils will work harder and take more pride in themselves and their community.  In order to promote this aim and to create a positive school community, the whole school rewards policy is in place to achieve the following purpose and principles.


  • To promote a positive ethos through a culture of praise.
  • To motivate and encourage pupils.
  • To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and leads to further personal development.
  • To recognise pupils’ effort and achievement.
  • To recognise and reward pupils’ contribution and commitment to the school.
  • To develop and foster positive working relationships between pupils, staff and parents

Rewards can be written into the pupil’s Planner and logged on ClassCharts. Pupils with a high number of rewards receive certificates in assemblies.  Each month, pupils with high numbers of rewards receive certificates, prizes and congratulatory Champions Breakfasts. Parents can view their child’s rewards and behaviour summary through the ClassCharts website and free App, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. We will provide you with a Access Code unique for your child. You will also receive a notification when your child receives a reward.