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Curriculum Statement 

Our ambitious curriculum aims to inform, empower, and enable our young people to thrive intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Through a robust academic core, we seek to engage our students with the best of what has been thought and said, to secure in them a confident sense of self and place, and to engender a global perspective. We place high value on the creative and performing arts, sport and providing opportunities for students to pursue their own talents and interests; as well as on developing a sense of wonder, celebrating curiosity, and fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Our foundation curriculum provides the platform for students, regardless of starting points or background to flourish, addressing barriers to learning and ensuring no child is left behind. An extensive extra-curricular offer ensures that all students are exposed to key experiences, places and events that will serve to contextualise their learning, allow them to test their ideas and further enhance their social and cultural capital.

We are committed to equipping our young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions, to be independent and critical thinkers with the character to consistently represent the best of themselves and make a positive contribution to our community and society.

Our curriculum vision reflects our belief in children and our community, the unique and immeasurable value of each individual, and that through hard work, discipline and doing the basics brilliantly we develop the courage and capacity to reimagine what is possible.

Our curriculum reflects our values, captured through Great Heart, Great Thought and Great Vision:

Great Heart

To promote a positive, safe and nurturing environment in which to learn together. Each member of our community is welcomed, understood and valued.

To build an inclusive community founded on respect for and tolerance of others.

To explore morality, humanity and ethics, promoting a commitment to kindness and the common good.

Great Thought

To provide an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum for all, expertly delivered through research informed, high-impact teaching and learning.

To provide a thoughtfully designed learning process that is well sequenced, building effectively on prior learning, and that secures the knowledge platform required for academic success.

To equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and competencies they will need to face life’s challenges with confidence and perspective.

Great Vision

To foster opportunity and promote social mobility through a broad and ambitious curriculum that exposes pupils to a rich body of knowledge and experiences, building social and cultural capital.

To provide a comprehensive personal development programme that encourages pupils to be aspirational and make well-informed decisions which will change their lives for the better.

To support all our pupils and students to leave school as confident, articulate, well-qualified and responsible young adults who are eager to make a positive contribution to society.


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